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Model set :  

Using your method you have to compute the displacements/particle velocities at the specified receiver positions for the specified time window.

Create three text (not binary) files : x.dat, y.dat, z.dat

The structure of each file:
LINE 1 : NT DT NR (three values separated by spaces)
      NT - the number of signal samples
      DT - the time step
      NR - the number of receivers
LINE 2 through NT+1 : seismogram values for the receiver 1
LINE NT+2 through 2ĚNT+1 : seismogram values for the receiver 2
      and so on


  • For an example of a data file for upload, see reference solution files in view/compare solutions section.
  • The first value of a seismogram has to correspond to t = 0. NT is equal to the length of the time window divided by the time step : NT = TL/DT.
  • The time step has to be equal to that required in the problem definition. This is important for calculation of the quantitative misfit criteria.

  • Option : It is also possible to upload the input data files. If the input is made of several input data files, they should be tar-gzipped.